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Mallorca Travel Tipps

Palma's Son Sant Joan airport lies eight kilometres from the capital. Direct and connecting flights, scheduled and charter, link Palma with all main European destinations. There are daily scheduled domestic flights to Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante, as well as to other cities around Spain. Buses leave the airport for the city centre (Plaza de España) (near hotels)every 15 minutes, and from here, buses can then be taken to other points and towns on the island. At the airport, there is a permanent taxi rank and a number of car-rental agencies.

Airport Transfer Hotel en Mallorca
From Airport of Palma Transfer is usually by rental car or via taxi. Please be sure to order your taxi in plenty of time before your departure
We recomend next companies to go to your hotel en mallorca Resort Hoppa company for your transfers or AUtocares Comas or Autocares Florit or
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The Acciona- Trasmediterránea Ferry Line plies between Palma and Barcelona, Valencia, Ibiza and Menorca (daily roundtrips). The ships are comfortable, being equipped with cabins, armchair-style seating and a bar and restaurant service. The Balearia Line covers the Palma-Ibiza-Denia (Alicante) .
The vessels used are car ferries. Best rates in
Next to the harbour walking distance you find Hotel Valparaiso 5 stars , Hotel Majorica , Hotel Amic Horizonte , Hotel Isla de Mallorca or ciutat de Mallorca , HOtel Augusta

Arrival & Departure to your Hotel / Apartment
Check-in at your vacation Hotel / apartment is usually possible from approx. 13:00 PM (16:00); the check-out should be at approx. 11:00 AM. Exception can only be made by the local administrator. We will do everything possible to make your check-in and check-out as convenient as possible. If for any reason you can not arrive at your holiday destination on the planned date or you arrive late, please try to inform the local administrator/hotel as soon as possible so that a issuance of the keys can be arranged.

Baby beds / additional beds
Baby beds must be ordered at the time of travel reservation and must be indicated on either the travel confirmation or invoice. Only then can you be assured that this service can be provided properly.

A baby-sitter can be provided on prior arrangement with our travel agency.
( We recomend )

Protect our environment! Give your travel pamphlets and brochures to friends, relatives or acquaintances.
Use the Ipod guides .

Bugs & Insects
Ants and other insects, including gnats, are not there to intentionally make your vacation intolerable. They are a part of our eco-system and have a right to live. In the southern countries we have learned to live with many types of insects. Don't be scared if a small creature wanders through your Accommodation. Treat it as a small friend, to be helped outside. Avoid leaving out food or leftovers otherwise you might find a trail of industrious ants. Mosquito and insect repellent can be obtained from the local supermarkets.


Doctors / Hospitals
Most towns and cities on Mallorca have medical clinics or facilities. There are also several hospitals on Mallorca. For the one nearest you as well as emergency phone numbers, please refer to your information pamphlet in your apartment.

New Ones : Son espases , Son Llatzer , Clinica Juaneda , Policlinica Miramar .

Drinking water
The tap water in southern countries should by no means be used as drinking water. In many parts of Mallorca the water is still delivered by Aqua-Potable and is chlorinated. This water is potable. In general, the water is extremely high in calcium, and a anti-calcium build-up detergent for dish washers - or washing machines is always recommended. Film build-up on glasses is practically unavoidable. Bottled water is the most recommended source for consumption including for cooking and making coffee or tea. This can be purchased at the local supermarket.

Eating and Drinking
Food is prepared differently all over the world. As a rule we advice you to get used to the local gastronomy. Note that beverages are often served very cold in resort areas. Also be aware that alcohol consumption in warm climates has a stronger effect on the body. At the beginning of your vacation we urge you to eat and drink moderately, so that you can adjust to the climatic as well as other conditions.
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Flight Changes
This will be confirmed before departure and with the issue of the travel documents. Any changes of flight scheduling can only be made by the airlines.

Low cost flights

Garbage Collection / Disposal
In this region the garbage is picked up frequently and in the early morning hours. This can be a disturbance to some wanting to sleep in. The necessity for frequent pick-up is on of sanitation. The authorities do not want the garbage to be left out too long or pile up, particularly due to the high temperatures.

Heating / Air-conditioning HOtels in Mallorca
Heating or air-conditioning can be expect only when it is explicitly indicated in the lodging description. Heating is made available only in the cool seasons (October to April). In general, all our accommodations offer either electric heat, or heat by hot air.

Especially in southern countries, there is vibrant indoor and outdoor night-life, which often begins late in the evening. Consequently, the noise of merry-makers can easily be carried through the night air. Before getting annoyed, keep in mind that you are in a resort area in a Mediterranean land. Even a traditionally peaceful area by day might be filled with the sounds of fiesta at night.

Power supply
In southern countries electric circuits are not always as able to accomodate all the conveniences. Each Apartment or house offers a limited electric (kW) capacity, which is determined by the city's public works departments. On a practical level, this means that you should avoid running too many home appliances and heat at the same time. You might trip a breaker. Please be mindful of this and have patience for occasional interruptions of electricity. If you have longer power outages, please inform our Travel Agency.

Service & Care
In many countries some services which might be taken for granted and expected to be performed to high standards, are sometimes not available, or at best, improvised. Lack of experience is frequently made up for through additional kindness. For special requests, disturbances, or defects, please contact and inform your travel agent immediately. They can best influence corrective or remedial action and help you to enjoy your vacation.

Swimming pools rules .
The water in the Swimming pools is frequently cleaned and strongly chlorinated due to frequent use and hot temperatures. Chlorinated water can irritate eyes. Please pay attention when swimming and avoid allowing your children go into the pool immediately after pool cleanings.

Wifi and Internet points
Most of places offers Free wifi spots for all their clients

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